Veterans' Benefits

Additional income to pay for home care, assisted living, or nursing care.

About Carroll H Schlader

Carroll H SchladerCarroll H Schlader has been a small business owner involved in management and finance for over 30 years in the Northeast Florida area. A graduate of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, he began his career practicing as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with the international firm of Ernst & Young. He is Independent; not affiliated with any securities firm, life insurance / annuity company, or law firm.

I work with families transitioning into long-term health care from both the legal and the financial perspectives. The ElderCare Financial Resource Planning discipline requires accreditation (licensing) with the Dept of Veterans Affairs and qualification in Nursing Home Medicaid regulations.

Applicants for long-term care benefits with income and/or assets over the prescribed limits are denied benefits and families are left to pay the significant costs of care out-of-pocket until their life savings are spent down to the prescribed limits... UNLESS strategic planning is implemented.

I have the opportunity to help middle-income families in areas such as veterans benefits consulting and planning, Nursing Home Medicaid spend-down planning, and asset preservation. These clients deserve the same expert advice in preserving their assets that the wealthy enjoy. Unlike other forms of financial planning or estate planning, this type of planning often requires a cooperative effort between the legal community and the financial world. Attorneys may attempt to preserve assets only through expensive legal services while financial advisors will attempt solutions through financial products that may not be suitable for the elderly or may create financial disaster in the future. Several options should be made available to the family and the desired balance determined with an eye toward maximizing safety, liquidity, and flexibility.

For veterans there is a vital caution to keep in mind: The intersection of VA and Medicaid regulations is complex. It's impossible to plan for one without an eye on the other set of rules. Otherwise you can easily cause a loss of eligibility for benefits under that other set of rules.

If you are unfamiliar with the various ways of paying for care, I strongly suggest you seek the counsel of a qualified eldercare planning specialist who can help you coordinate these benefits. The failure to properly do so may cost you (or your surviving spouse) your life savings, your pride, and your dignity

My wife, June and I have two grown children and two grandchildren. Activities of enjoyment include hiking, climbing, skiing, reading, and Christian financial stewardship ministry.

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